How long does shipping take?

1 to 3 business days (excluding the day of the order) depending on where you are located. Cape Town - 1 day; main urban centers - 2 days; outlying areas 3 days

Why are the plants supplied bare-root (without a pot)?

This facilitates transplanting by our clients, reduces shipment costs and minimizes damage in transit.

Once received, how quickly should I transplant?

It is best to plant out the succulents within 1 week of receiving them.  Ideally plant within 3 days.  Keep the box open so they can get air while waiting to transplant.


What soil is best?

In general succulents are very tolerant of most soil types.  Sandy/loam soils are best however they also grow in clay soils.  The watering must be adjusted to soil type.  Clay soils, water less and for sandy soils water more.  Compost is always beneficial but not essential. For pots, a well drained potting soil is best. We supply coco blocks, ideal potting soil for transplanting into small to medium pots.

How often should I water the plants?

Succulents require very little water.  They should be watered when transplanted.  Thereafter, depending on rain, once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. This is only a guideline.  Remember rather keep them on the dry side.

Do they require much fertiliser?

Yes, succulents respond well to fertiliser.  Choose a balanced fertiliser and apply sparingly every 3 months. Have a look at the fertilisers we offer for sale.  They are specifically chosen for succulents.

The plants are fairly small, how quickly do they grow?

As wholesalers we supply small plants (7cm to 12cm) in batches of 3 per variety. This is the ideal size for mass plantings.  Each species grow at different rates however in general they should establish within 6 to 12 weeks.

My plants appear to be rotting/dying especially around the leaves.

This is normally due to over-watering.  Let the plants dry out completely and only water if absolutely necessary.  The plants normally respond positively after about 2-3 weeks.  A fungicide can also be applied if necessary.  We offer premium quality natural fungicides for sale.

Should I position my succulents in shade or full sun?

This varies between the species.  Take note of the descriptions in the item menu.  In general most succulents prefer full sun, however some do well in semi-shade.  Eckeveria's and Gasteria's prefer some shade.  However each garden is different and we suggest doing your own experiments.